Every sin­gle time when I obser­ve the work of Ursula and Dietmar Kirsch, I am over­ta­ken by this fee­ling of being in ano­t­her world, in a world of soft tones, a world that sur­rounds rea­li­ty with a magic poe­ti­cal coat that offers warmth and com­fort, a world whe­re peop­le and ani­mals act simi­lar­ly, a world whe­re drea­ming is not only allo­wed but encou­ra­ged. Here ever­y­thing pro­ceeds quiet­ly, almost gent­le and cau­tious but without being faded or unclear. The truth of life is exces­si­ve­ly expo­sed…

… The coup­le Kirsch has been given the gre­at gift to be able to plan, dream and crea­te toge­ther.  Sculptures to under­stand and to hold. Wood that comes ali­ve in your hands, car­ved figu­res that seem to be gro­wing out of it. Your bre­ath is taken away by the finely com­po­sed pain­tings whe­re a pair of laug­hing, pen­si­ve or joy­ful sta­ring eyes that seem to say: join us here, whe­re the­re is also pain and joy, but more restrai­ned, without hard con­tours and wrap­ped in a veil of dreams, always full of com­fort. Let us move you so you can return to the world a richer per­son.

Catalogue text: Anneliese Probst, 1995