… Kirsch’s drea­my beau­ty and beau­ti­ful drea­m­i­ness are exci­ting in dif­fe­rent ways: less than an anti­do­te to the chal­len­ging rea­li­ties of this world, their art com­ple­ments it with the use of ratio­nal and emo­tio­nal impul­ses, essen­ti­al for the mani­fes­ta­ti­on of our accord­ing life­styles. With this in mind, Ursula and Dietmar Kirsch have intro­du­ced the indis­pensable to the art sce­ne of our coun­try. With their crea­ti­ons, they meet the deman­ds of an art that is some­ti­mes for­got­ten and the­re­fo­re needs to be repeated once more, alt­hough inclu­ding a warning to not char­ge an open door: art should give plea­su­re, delight, fun and should inspi­re our dai­ly joy of life…

Fred Reinke
Catalogue text 1986