Current works at Atelier Kirsch



Atelier Kirsch are Ursula Kirsch and Dietmar Kirsch. Among their com­mon art­work are woo­den sculp­tures, reli­efs and deco­ra­tive objects. Dietmar Kirsch cuts out dif­fe­rent kinds of wood, which are then later on oil pain­ted by Ursula Kirsch. In the mean time, Ursula Kirsch has dedi­ca­ted her­self inten­si­vely to pain­ting and the gra­phic arts.

Dietmar’s field of exper­tise is the design and pro­duc­tion of sta­ble and ele­gant toys sui­ta­ble for child­ren as well as jewel­lery made of valu­able woods.

The the­mes of the art works emerge from expe­ri­en­ces and fan­ta­sies. They revolve around nice moments with fri­ends and child­ren, around cir­cu­ses, theatre, fes­ti­vi­ties and nature throug­hout all the sea­sons. Atelier Kirsch of course also takes into account the wis­hes of the clients.

When a sculp­ture is crea­ted, not­hing plea­ses us more than kno­wing that it is being held, under­s­tood and that it enab­les the behol­der to for­get about ever­y­thing for a moment. It makes the nume­rous hours we –pas­sio­na­tely– spent strugg­ling with “wood and colour” all worth it.

Exhibition times at Atelier Kirsch