Current works at Atelier Kirsch

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Atelier Kirsch are Ursula Kirsch and Dietmar Kirsch. Among their common artwork are wooden sculptures, reliefs and decorative objects. Dietmar Kirsch cuts out different kinds of wood, which are then later on oil painted by Ursula Kirsch. In the mean time, Ursula Kirsch has dedicated herself intensively to painting and the graphic arts.

Dietmar’s field of expertise is the design and production of stable and elegant toys suitable for children as well as jewellery made of valuable woods.

The themes of the art works emerge from experiences and fantasies. They revolve around nice moments with friends and children, around circuses, theatre, festivities and nature throughout all the seasons. Atelier Kirsch of course also takes into account the wishes of the clients.

When a sculpture is created, nothing pleases us more than knowing that it is being held, understood and that it enables the beholder to forget about everything for a moment. It makes the numerous hours we –passionately– spent struggling with “wood and colour” all worth it.

Exhibition times at Atelier Kirsch